Tuesday, 31 March 2015


This is a collage I made that was when I was a year 5, this picture give me good memories about my friend and the people I used to hang with that always would always cheer me up.

Haliano-Spelling leason

This morning I did spelling and I am really proud of my self getting my results to 100% and hope it stay to 100% for all of my spelling test.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Haliano-Spelling test

My spelling test I did is 100%, I am very happy about my results and that I know that it off by heart.

Haliano-Spelling Results

I did my spelling, my results was 100% and I am really proud of it and I hope that my next task will be 100% again.

Friday, 27 March 2015


In term 1 I enjoy all the work we do with the teachers and the fun art and especially sports.
I have learnt about technology at Tamaki College but next term the year 7's are gonna do cooking.
Term 1 was kind of tricky at Japanese and technology, Japanese was tricky because it's was hard to say and I couldn't even hear what he said and technology was hard because it was too many work and it was kind of tricky.
In term 1 my favourite subject is writing because it's fun to write about made up stories and also we can talk about our holidays or weekends.
In term 2 I want to improve more of my writing and reading and also improve in more sports.
In tech I enjoy learning technology and also decorating letters.

Haliano-Pt England Reserve

So today our school got ready to go to see the waka at the Pt England Reserve, I was so excited as all the other classes were, but one thing that was exhausted for me was that we didn't go onto the bus. The only class that went on the bus was room 3&4, while the whole school was walking it was so hot, while we where walking all you hear is people chating and chating, my legs were so bone-tired that it was gonna sleep.

Later on when we were walking we saw the waka, it was so shocking, I could not believe it, meanwhile we where nearly there, Then we got there, I got excited and looked around it was so surprising that the other school came to watch with us. Their was so many school, it was like more than one thousand, meanwhile the show started it was so cool but later on another waka came everyone was like ohhhh, then we sang a song I was taking picture and videoing.

Then Mrs Burk asked me if I wanted to go back to school and I said yes, Later on we were at school, that was one of the best thing I have seen in my whole life.

Haliano-Spelling test

This is my result for spelling and I am happy about it and also I have set a goal to get 100% every time I do my spelling. Also I am happy that I learnt how to spell companies because I spelled companies wrong like this (compaines) so now I know how to spell it, The defenition of missiles I didn't know what the defention is but now I know. It is a weapon that is used in war, it is like a bomb they use in war.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Haliano - Spelling Test

This is my spelling test, I am happy that I got 100% and passed it was fun to and was easy but also I thought that it was gonna be hard but it was easy.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Haliano-What the sea gives

This is my padlet I did with my group. In I group we had to predict what is happening in the book.

Haliano- Culture Identity

This map is about cultures and countries we are from in room 6. most of the student were born in New Zealand but their parents and family were born overseas. Also I learnt how to insert video and pictures onto the map.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Haliano-Walk a while in my shoe

Walk a while in my shoes

The first day my cousin’s came from tonga we did a celebration to welcome them.

My family made everything look like a surprise there were heaps of bright blue decoration and food on the table.

I waited and waited the food look so nice I would gobble it all up like a monster eater when my cousin’s came home we frighten them with a big welcome home and we all were happy like a good family together.

We all got ready like to eat we did our praying and ate up it was so nice I had so many in my mouth that was ready to go down my throat. It was time for dessert and I was so happy because it was time to eat up our delicious dessert.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


This is my maths I did with gozan we made fancy fonts for the class to look fancy with our cool work
it was fun because their were cool fonts we could use for our work.


This is my multiplication work I did with my team we all work like a very good team it is so fun doing maths work also we made some cool fonts from cool text because we wanted our work to be fancy for our class room to look beautiful.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Haliano-What is your favorite food?

This is my graph of people in room 6s favorite food also we had to share it to the people on our group.