Friday, 29 July 2016

Making a Olympic Mascot

Today in the afternoon our whole classroom were creating our own mascot. This is my mascot that I made. I chose to make this because it represents my country.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Government to buy $500m ship

The Government is to buy a $493 million naval tanker. This ship will be custom-made to use in the Antarctic and will  replace the 30-year-old HMNZS endeavour. Plus the new ship will be used to refuel naval vessels and helicopters at sea and to supply fuel and fresh water. Furthermore the new vessel will be built by South Korean company Hyundai Heavy Industries and is expected for delivery in 2020.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey 3

Image result for no girls allowed sign
Bonus: During the ancient Olympic Games, men were allowed to compete in the events but women were not. In fact, they were often forbidden from even watching the games. In your opinion, is this fair? Why or why not? On your blog please tell us what you think about this interesting rule.

I say it is fair and unfair because if the girl join the ancient olympics with the boys they would get hurt because the sports are really dangerous and these sports could make them end up in hospital.

Winter Learning Journey 2

Activity 2:  In the ancient Olympic Games the winner of each event was called the Olympionic. Instead of a gold medal, the winner had a palm leaf placed in their hands and a crown placed on their head to show that they were the winner. Arguably one of the most famous Olympionics was a man named ‘Milo of Croton’ (see picture below). Use Google to research ‘Milo of Croton’ and post three interesting facts about him.

3 interesting facts about Milo Of Croton:
  • Milo of Croton was a wrestler with several ancient olympic titles under his belt.
  • Milo of Croton led the Crotoniate army to victory over the Sybarites (Greeks from sybaris, also in Southern Italy) about 510  BC
  • Milo of Croton won 32 wrestling competitions

Winter Learning Journey 1

Image result for wrestling in the olympics
Activity 1: Let’s imagine that you were alive 2792 years ago and invited to compete in the first ever ancient Olympic Games. Which of these events: running, wrestling, boxing, preparation, horse racing and pentathlon would you compete in?

My Answer: If I was alive 2792 years ago and I got invited to participate in a sport will be wrestling because when I watch it on t.v it look cool and sometimes I feel like doing it. Sometimes my brothers and I when we were little used to play wrestling on our trampoline, so that’s why the sport I would pick is Wrestling.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Speech

In room 11 we did speeches and my speech was about The Temptations. When Mr Reid timed me it was 2 minutes and 9 seconds long. The speech finalists are Sebastian, Meafou, Samuel & MinZin.

                  The Temptations

Monday, 4 July 2016

Maori Language Week

This is my google drawing about Maori Language week. Maori Language week started in 1975, It runs from July the 4th to July the 10th.