Monday, 17 March 2014

My baseball report

Baseball report

Every thursday after lunchtime we would always have baseball practise we would always first start up with a very good warm up then. After our warm up we also have a good game of catching we had to choose a partner and my partner is Gozan. Then we played the real game if you are the only one then you will win a prize the prize is a key ring we had learnt new skills and lots of fun.

Monday, 10 March 2014

how to make a sandwich

In my perfect sandwich  there would be swiss cheese,  BQQ  chicken and my favourite  bread is burger bun   and my favourite   sauce  is BQQ  and it is so yum you should taste it.

First I would cut the bread open and then spread my BQQ sauce inside the burger bun and then I would put the chicken inside it and then the cheese on top of the chicken.

Monday, 3 March 2014



  • I am going to work as a team
  • I am going to work hard
  • I am going to be nice to the teacher
  • I am going to listen to the teacher
  • I am going to use kind words
  • I am going to work quietly
  • I am going to respect kids and teachers
  • I am going to try my best
  • I am going to set a good example
  • I am going to be a good friend   

design playground and describe a playground

I would have a forest theme next to the tree house and a ladder that leads up to a tree house and in the tree house I would have a swing and a flying fox that leads to the big castle and in it is a very big bouncy ground and when you enter out the door I would have a slide that goes though the monster body.