Friday, 4 April 2014

Lion learning

This is my google drawing and also we have been learning on lion and these are some in interesting facts on lions hope you like it.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

instruction how to annoy a teacher

Room 5 ideas Talking Funny noises sleep interrupt hand clapping games copy another person not learning on your netbook whining singing talking back shouting whistling standing on your head silly noises Talking out of turn Not following instruction Shouting on the mat Making silly noise from your armpit Instructions 

  1.  Stomp your feet on the mat 
  2. Block your ears and don’t listen to the instruction 
  3. Shout out on the mat 
  4. Fiddle with a pencil 
  5. Sing out loud on the mat 
  6. make silly noise 
  7. stand up and run away
  8.  annoy the teachers instruction 
  9. Shut her/him up 
  10. Write stuff about the teacher 
  11.  Stay off task 
  12. Say bad things 
  13. throw stuff in her class 
  14. sleep in class 
  15. Talk while the teacher is talking too 
  16. Sabotage Equipment 
  17. make funny noise
  18.  copy your teachers behaviour
  19.  tell the teacher that you know we she/he lives 
  20. ask incessant question 

If you want some answer to annoy a teacher these are 20 facts to annoy a teacher so enjoy

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Colour poem

Blue is the feeling of crying for surprise. Blue is the sight of a sky shining upon us.Blue is the smell of violets coming through your nose.Blue is the sound of the beautiful wave crashing on the beach.Blue is the sound of whales smashing deep in the water.Blue is the taste of yummy blueberries in my mouth.