Thursday, 27 June 2013

This is my drama. by Halaiano

This is my drama freeze frame and I was flying a flying motor bike.

My results.

This is my current event results and I only got 40% for week 5 also I got 100% for week 6 week 7 week 8 and I am proud.

My current event graph by Halaino

This is my current event graph and I got 100% for my current event quiz.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Present Eduction flipping eBook.

Present Education flipping eBook. I learnt in the present we have no punishment in the present and I also know that I learnt that there where punishment in the past.

Past education flipping eBook.

This is my flipping eBook on past education. I learnt that in the past that boys and girls learnt different subjects.

This is my speech about should we serve breakfast in schools?

Should we serve breakfast in school?
I think we should.

I believe we should because the people that come to school can be served breakfast at school so their brains are healthy to start the working day.

I surely believe that we should never ever serve sugary food in school. I would love it if sugary shops could sell less sugary food. Also we should ban junk food.

2.Also I think we should ban sugary food like KFC, Burger king, Mcdonald's and cakes because it’s not good and it’s will make your body unhealthy and lazy so remember to sell less sugary food and serve healthy food in school like corn flakes, coco pops, rice bubbles and nurture grains.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My venn diagram. by Halaiano

This is my venn diagram and I am very happy that I finished it because it was a little bit hard and I only had a little help.

My speech competition rubric.

The Speech Competition Rubric
Assessor: Ducati                                     Performer: Halaiano
Please give honest feedback to your chosen performer. They will work on the feedback you give.
Not using any expression at all in the speech. Sounds like a robot. Does not use the punctuation. Words do not flow
Using some expression for certain parts of the speech. Reverts back in sounding like a robot in some places.
Uses expression in most areas, but not all. Starting to make voice go high and low in certain parts. Starting to get into the role and use punctuation.
Uses expression throughout the speech. Making voice go high and low in all parts.
Opens mouth wide so that words flow.
Loud clear voice
Reads in a very soft voice e.g. whisper. May mumble during speech. Words / sentences are very unclear and may not be understood by the audience.
Projects voice in some parts, but may revert back to soft / mumbling voice. Not all words / sentences may not be understood by the audience.
Projects voice in most parts, but may mumble, or speak softly in 1-2 sentences / words. Most words are understood by the audience.
Projects voice throughout the performance. Voice is loud and clear. Every word / sentence is understood by the audience.

Eye Contact

The performer refers to the speech / cue cards during for the entire contest. No eye contact given to the audience

The performer refers to the speech cue cards for some parts. The performer looks at the audience during some parts of the speech contest.

The reader looks at the audience and gives eye contact to the audience most of the time.

Eye contact is given throughout the contest. The performer gives eye contact to the audience during the entire speech contest.
Knowledge of the speech
Reads directly from the cue cards. Strongly relies off the cue cards during the contest. Does not know speech very well. Loses own place regularly and relies off cue cards.
Knows some parts of the speech, but is still reliant on the cue cards. Follows the text for most parts. Still reliant on cue cards to get through the contest. May lose place.
Knows most parts of the speech off by heart.
Follows the text.
Could easily perform the speech without the cue cards.
Knows the speech off by heart. Memorized the speech.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My XtraMath results by halaino

this is my XtraMath results and I hope that I get  better at it and get it all right.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Monday, 10 June 2013

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Technology and past Education.

Should we wear a School uniform at Panmure Bridge School

Should we wear a school our uniform at Panmure Bridge School?

Should we wear a school  uniform at Panmure Bridge School as
I believe we should wear a uniform because it shows how proud we are of our school and the chances of being bullied or stealing decrease as we are all the same ad treated equally.  

School uniforms can sometimes get lost and mixed up as anyone has similar clothes, also if you wear home clothes and are involved in an accident it would be difficult to identify you as they would not know what school  you have come from. Wearing a school uniform is more popular these days than wearing mufti clothes because it shows your pride towards your school.

Our school uniform is made out of very strong material thats long lasting, they are very durable and strong with all the activities and wear of students from day to day. Wearing mufti clothes might make you look cool or pretty but they are made out of weak materials and are not suited for everyday school wear. School uniforms are stronger than mufti clothes and should be worn instead of mufti because a school uniform is more popular with its strong durability.

I believe that we should wear a school uniform at Panmure Bridge School because wearing a uniform prevents issues like bullying and stealing. Dressing all the same takes away competition between individuals, instead of seeing a fellow classmate wearing something you really want and bullying them into giving it to you or stealing it off them  is prevented. Know one would bully or steal our uniform off each other because we all have the same.

I take pride in wearing my school uniform, and representing my school.
This is why I believe school uniforms should be worn at Panmure Bridge as they also solve the issues of identity, durability and competition.