Monday, 29 July 2013

My holiday story by Halaino

My holiday story
During the holidays  my family and I went to my cousin’s birthday. Early in the morning  my family and I got up and got our present for my cousin’s birthday.

Also I got him a skateboard. When we got there I saw some delicious cheese cake I wanted it so bad that I would only give everyone at the birthday only 1 small piece.

When I gave my cousin birthday present, he ripped it open and he was so surprised that I had got him a skateboard  because his sister and brother had a skateboard but he didn’t so he started hugging me like he said I gave him the 2nd best gift at his birthday. Also his favourite gift was the Ipad from my aunt and he said thank you to my aunt and downloaded his favourite games on it.      

Then we ate the cheese cake, cup cakes, chicken and pig and the best thing I’ve tasted was the cheesecake. Also when I heard my favourite song I started to dance with my cousin’s. After that my family and I went back home and I slept and the next day I didn’t wake up until afternoon.                         

Monday, 8 July 2013

Friday, 5 July 2013

This is my finding fractions.

This is my find the fractions and I am happy that I found out the fraction.
Also I happy that I finished it.

This is my ordering fractions.

This is my ordering fraction and I am proud that it's finish and this is my first fraction I finish first and also their were nine question and that was a lot work.

This is my ordering fractions.

This is my ordering fractions and I happy that I finish it on time and it was a lot of hard work.

This is my discrete fractions.

This is my fractions and it's called discrete fractions and the first one with the balloons was one half.